TV Crew in Marina del Este

The very popular programme on Canal Sur, Salud al Día was down in the Marina del Este at the beginning of last month filming.

The programme was dedicated to La Herradura and the Marina del Este, covering cycling (my favourite), diving and gastronomy, as the programme, narrated by Isabel Nestares, is about living healthily.

Obviously, members of the the Club Ciclista AC La Herradura featured, as did the Centro de Buceo La Herradura. As for healthy eating, the Chiringuito Marina Playa near the Marina was chosen.

The report will be aired after the summer, which will be excellent promotional material for La Herradura tourism.

Also being aired later on, in August in this case, will be the Seaside Gazette being interviewed on the A-7 bridge collapse, but this time for Engineering Disasters (DMAX).

(News: Herradura, Costa tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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