Almuñécar Jewellers’ Burgled

During the early hours of Saturday, thieves broke into the jewellers' shop in the Town Hall Square of Almuñécar.

ALM Jewellers BurgledAccording to police investigations at the scene of the crime, burglars gained access to Joyería Torres via a hole knocked into the wall from nextdoor.

Once inside, they smashed open several viewing cases and made off with a considerable amount of jewels and watches.

It also appears that they knocked a hole through to another premises as an escape route, in case they were unable to use the same way out as they had entered.

Furthermore, the burglars did not manage to steal the most expensive items in the shop as the burglar alarm went off, which scared them off before they could ‘finish the job.’

The Guardia Civil say that the access hole was very small, which could be an indication as to the build of the person(s) involved. Furthermore the modus operandi was very similar (the day of the week & time chosen and form of entering) as a burglary carried out on another jeweller in town two years ago.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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