Baby Bitten in Bar

A 14-month-old baby was attacked by a dog on a bar terrace in El Ejido in Almería and severely injured

AND Hospital de Torrecárdenas AlmeriaThe Incident took place just before 10.00h on Saturday, which was the time when calls started to come into the emergency, call centre.

Witnesses said that the dog had gone for the baby’s face on the said bar terrace on Calle San isidro.

An ambulance with paramedics onboard was immediately despatched. Officers from both the Policía Nacional and the Guardia Civil were also called out.

Police sources said that the dog was an American Stafford and was accompanied by its owners on the terrace. A couple had walked by with the baby and the dog had jumped up and bitten the child’s face.

The victim was rushed to Hospital de Torrecárdenas requiring maxillofacial surgery owing to the severity of its injuries.

The dog has been taken to an animal compound so that its fate could be evaluated.

Editorial comment: there is no way that the parents could have possibly imagined how fate was going to play out that day, such is the frailty of normality.

(News: El Ejido, Almeria, Granada)

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  1. Patrick Barry storey
    June 20, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    I may read as very callous. I wasn’t at the scene. But if that was my child. While Mum was consoling the baby. I’d have been dispatching said dog and if owner tried to stop me. We would have an amicable discussion over a beer.

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