Woman Recovers from Wound

Around a week ago, we reported on a woman who had been shot in the eye with an errant pellet or shot fired from a wood outside her house in Deifontes.

GRA Deifontes Shooting MY22As the projectile had penetrated her head, the fate of the 69-year-old victim hung in the balance as she lay in the ICU.

Going back to the day of the incident, the 10th, when she was discovered by family members lying on the floor, they first thought that she had suffered a fall at home and it wasn’t discovered that she had actually been shot until she was examined in the A&E at hospital.

Thankfully, she has now left the ICU and is on a ward where she is recovering from her injury.

In the meantime, the Guardia Civil are still trying to determine who fired the shot but what they have established is that the shot was fired from outside and had entered through a window, either as a ricochet or the reckless use of a firearm without fully taking into account the field of fire.

(News: Deifontes, Montes Orientales, Granada, Andalucia)

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