Raid on a Medical Centre

Two repeat offenders from Benalúa are thought to be behind a break-in on a medical centre in Purullena and having made off with a booty of tranquillisers.

GRA Purullena Medical CentreThe first incident (a break-in) took place around 21.30h on the 13th of January. The suspects are believed to have broken open a padlock on the metal shutter of an entrance to the centro de salud.

Rapidly searching around, they found stocks of tranquillisers.

On the way out, they crossed with two people who were later able to give a description of the two men, aged 26 and 40. However the thieves wore dark clothes and ski masks

The next incident took place at 15.30h on the 22nd of January when the two men reportedly entered a supermarket in Purullena and taking advantage of the fact that nobody was on the till at that moment, they made off with a mobile phone, two wallets (containing IDs, bankcards etc) and some money from the cash register.

The subsequent Guardia Civil investigation carried out by officers from the Benalúa post led to the two said suspects, thanks to CCTV images, descriptions given by witnesses and by using triangulation data for their phones.

When the two men were arrested and their homes searched, some of the tranquillisers stolen from the medical centre were found.

(News: Benalúa, Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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