Bike Hits Patrol Car

Of all the things you don't want to collide with on a road, it's a police patrol car, especially when your vehicle is not fully legal.

GRA Unlicenced Bike crashes into police carThis is what happened on Calle Molina Nuevo in the northern part of the city of Granada, which makes downtown Baghdad look peaceful by comparison.

The police had spotted the young man on a scrambling bike riding it dangerously, obviously in a hand-to-hand combat with his own testosterone. The rider, aged 19, had cheerfully declined the police officers’ gestures to pull over and have a quick word but instead bolted off ahead.

Imagine their surprise… and glee… when later on the rider drove straight into the back of their patrol car whilst doing a wheelie.

The rider had a passenger on the back and neither was wearing a crash helmet. As they later found out, it had no road-insurance coverage, either..

The passenger, a girl even younger than the rider, was left sitting on the ground a little dazed. Although this minor offered up her own identification, she didn’t let on who the rider was – the police will find out eventually, though.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The accident occurred around 16.30h on Thursday. The patrol car was on its way to Calle Joaquina Eguaras in support of another police unit that was directing traffic following a road accident. The patrol car was making its way back when it was overtaken by the said lad clinging precariously to the bike, doing a wheelie…

BIAD TopTV 750-187

The officers decided not to chase after them as the way the bike was being ridden was already erratic without being chased by a police car with its sirens blazing. They drove on only to come across the scrabbling duo from hell, coming up from behind… doing another wheelie.

Now, according to the police, their car hit a bump in the road and had to brake suddenly… the rider, doing his monocycle number, had no time to avoid hitting the back of the car. The bike ended up under the back of the car and the rider, apparently unhurt, got back up off the ground and did a Usan Bolt.

In the meantime, locals began to gather and berate the officers because they thought they were going to arrest the girl who had been on the back of the bike. The officers were soon joined by other police units and the situation was diffused.

The bike was picked up by a municipal tow truck and taken to the police compound. If somebody comes to claim it, proving that they are the owner, they will be charged with not having road-insurance, nor even a number plate.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)


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