Sierra Nevada Wears Its Crown

With strong winds and rain on the Costa Tropical and clouds hiding the view of the Sierra Nevada, many missed this winter's first serious snowfall up there.

GRA Sierra Nevada First Snows 20NV21Saturday’s snowfall has come just in time for this ski resort to open its doors next Saturday, the 27th of November.

Taking advantage of the low temperatures, all along the ski slopes the snow cannons, of which there are 50, had been churning out snow just in case the real thing didn’t arrive in time, but they needn’t have worried because yesterday saw good snowfall starting at 2,200 metres up.

You can check for yourselves via the Sierra Nevada webcams: Borreguiles, Prado Llano and La Laguna have had a good coating of this white money-bringer.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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