Motril Flats Auctioned Off

Twelve flats in Motril and six garages are going to be auctioned off at a starting price of only 50% of their market value. The properties belong to a developer that has gone into receivership.

MOT properties auctioned offIt’s an online auction which will take place on the 24th of November and the starting price for the lot is 2.8m euros which, as mentioned above is half of their combined market value.

There’s also an auction lot comprising of four building plots with a total surface area of 49,006 sq/m in the Pago de las Ramblas de las Brujas (Ronda de Levante) with a starting price of 1.07m euros which is 50% of the official appraisal price of 2.14m euros.

Three terraced houses, two of which are on Calle Eucalipto (starting price 88,049 euros each) built in 2009 with 252 sq/m useable floor space. The third one is on the Ronda de Poniente (starting price 81,766 euros) and has 226 sq/m useable floor space over four floors and parking. All of the properties are in good condition.

The other nine properties are auctioned off individually, having a usable floor space of between 119 and 132 sq/m. They comprise of eight flats in two buildings, each with storeroom and parking. Starting prices between 59,933 and 67,58. All of these properties are on Calle Jacaranda apart from one that is on Calle Eucalipto.

Lastly, the online auction site, Escrapalia will be auctioning off individually six garages on Calle Jacaranda with a starting price of between 4,044 and 4,355 euros. Built in 2009, they are 13, 14 and 17 S/M in size.

Anyone can participate in the auction; private individuals, investors or companies, providing they register beforehand on the website, which is free of charge. You can find out more (less confusing) details from the link in the paragraph above.

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