Sink, Swim & Rescued

The Servicio Marítimo (Guardia) carried out a rescue 500 metres from the Chucha beach in Carchuna after a boat began to sink, leaving two people treading water.

ECO Playa de la ChuchaThe victims had spent over an hour in this fashion, keeping afloat near the slowly sinking leisure craft before they were picked up by the patrol launch.

The rescue operation took place just after 19.30h on the 19th (Sunday). As their boat began to sink they had quickly phoned 062 because one of the occupants suffered from reduced mobility.

The Guardia Civil even managed to take in tow the half submerged boat and get it back to Motril Port, where an ambulance was waiting to take the victims to Hospital Santa Ana, but not before practicing First Aid because one had breathing problems and was suffering a severe case of hypothermia.

Neither ages nor nationalities have been disclosed.

(News: Carchuna, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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