Double Waterfalls Rescue

Two rescues in one day in the same location: the Junta de Los Ríos in Otívar, also known as The Waterfalls.

COS Junta de los Rios SP21The incidents took place yesterday, Saturday the 18th, with the first one being reported around 13.00h. A woman had taken a fall whilst practicing barranquismo (Canyoning; descending canyons using equipment). As a result, she had injured her back.

The emergency, call centre alerted the Guardia Civil, mountain-rescue unit, Sereim, using their helicopter operating out of the Alhendín air base.

They rescued the woman and flew her to the Emerency Coordination Centre in (CECEM) in Granada, where an ambulance was waiting to take her to the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves, which is specialised in neuro-traumatology.

Just one hour after the first call, 112 received another call to say another woman had taken a fall in the same location as before, this time as part of an organised excursion. As a result, she had injured both knees.

Back the helicopter went as soon as they had delivered the first victim to pick up the second one, this time taking her directly to the new, general hospital, The Parque Tecnológico de la Salud.

Editorial comment: over the course of the summer there have been numerous, costly rescue operations carried out in this narrow river gorge, usually involving a helicopter.

At some point the Junta is going to crack down on the Junta de Los Ríos, the businesses that organise tours and most likely, the Cooperativa de Cázulas, which charges excursionsts to cross their land to reach the mouth of the gorge. In which case, the latter had better hope that they have all their papers in order, including tax declarations.

(News: Otivar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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