Elderly Belgian Couple Rescued

A Guardia Civil, mountain-rescue team was called out to rescue a Belgian couple in their mid 60s after they became stuck above a barranco in the Alpujarra.

ALP Elderly Belgian Couple Rescued 10SP21The rescue took place yesterday, near Bubión. The couple had left their car in Capileira in the morning and began walking up the mountainside. However, by 19.00h they were exhausted, shivering from the cold and had scratches all over, so they called 112.

They explained that they had been lost for hours and found themselves enriscado (in this context, trapped on a bluff) exhausted and unable to continue.

The rescue team proceded on foot along landscape with sharp drops and impenetrable gorse in places so that they soon had to backtrack and find an alternative route.

Some 300 metres above Bubión they finally found the couple in the early hours of Friday. The rescuers gave them water, food and cold-weather clothing. They also realised that the couple were in no condition to return with them the way they had come – the officers had actually found them below them on the mountain and had descended to find them, so in order to return, the couple would have had to undergo a steep climb.

The rescue team managed to find a track running parallel with an irrigation channel and followed it to a cortijo around 04.15h where a Guardia Civil patrol car was waiting to transport the couple back down to where their car was.

(News: Bubion, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: benemeritaaldia.org

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