Junta de Los Rios Rescue

The Guardia Civil mountain-rescue team, Sereim, carried out two rescues over the weekend, one of which was in the Junta de Los Rios in Otívar.

ALM Junta de los Rios WaterfallsIndeed, the first one of the two took place in Otívar. The emergency, call centre, 112 passed on details of the situation at 16.35h on the Saturday; a person had been descending the waterfalls and had slipped and fallen down a natural water chute landing in a rock pool with the misfortune of striking his foot against a rock on the way down.

The rescue operation consisted of a 2-man team on foot and the Guardia Civil helicopter.

Flying over the barranco they located the victim, a 32-year-old man. The helicopter managed to get in close enough to winch the injured man aboard and then to fly him to the PTS hospital in Granada.

The second rescue took place in the Barranco de Canales within the municipality of Güéjar Sierra in the evening of the same day. A group of three hikers found themselves trapped on high rocks with nightfall upon them after having tried to take a short cut back to their parked cars.

The Guardia Civil were alerted around 22.40h, who sent out a Sereim team. Upon locating them they were able to guide them back safely to their cars.

The route was very steep in places over lose stones and gravel, making it difficult to traverse. They had to go slowly because of this so it wasn’t until the early hours that the group finally reached the parked vehicles.

(News: Otivar-Güejar Sierra, Granada, Andalucia)

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