Beach Parking Fire

It was around 15.25h on Wednesday the 28th that a Guardia Civil patrol came across a group of parked cars in flames, in a parking area for beachgoers.

AND Beach Parking FireThe beach concerned was the Playa de Faro Blanco (Chipiona, Cadiz) and the improvised parking area is on a piece of flat, grass land borded by reeds. It is also next to housing.

The officers obtained fire extinguishers from nearby businesses and set about trying to contain the fire, together with help from some neighbours, until the fire service arrived. One of the officers received a large burn to his forearm.

By 16.40h the burning vehicles had all been put out, numbering a total of six cars.

It was thanks to the rapid intervention of the Guardia Civil officers that the fire was prevented from reaching the nearby housing, keeping it from spreading, until the fire personnel arrived to complete the job.

The police have since inspected the area and suspect that the fire was caused by a hot exhaust pipe touching dried vegetation below it.

(News: Chipiona, Cadiz, Andalucia)

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