PDM Asesores, Almuñécar

PP PDM AsesoresI popped in to have a chat with Olga Páramo Barbero at PDM Asesores in the Plaza de Los Magnolios in Almuñécar, to glean some gen on what they offer.

Besides handling Administrative Management, Fiscal, Labour & Accounting, Pension Management, as well as contracts for Rentals, Bills of Purchase, they also handle Energy Certificates.

So far, all things that you would expect of a gestoría but they also offer, which I found very interesting seeing as I now part own a hell-hound puppy, is that they do insurances for cats and dogs, so if they do cause an accident and you are held liable, this should cover you.

It’s a staff of three with Olga, who has been in this business for 37 years and handles the accounting, together with Francisco Díaz (labour affairs), José Luís Muñoz (fiscal affairs/non-resident tax) and Lourdes Contreras, who is the secretary and is the one who speaks English.

Did I mention that they also handle Car-Ownership Transfers, Residencias and TIEs and are situated right next to two cafeterias?

PDM Asesores, Plaza de Los Magnolios 13, Almuñécar, tel: 858 900 940 or 601 640 474, as well as email padimucb@gmail.com.

(News/Business: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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