Costa Beach Restrictions

Despite the Junta's recommendation that coastal towns close their beaches at night, none of them is actually going to do it because they can't.

SAL Aerial View of CoastIt’s not a case of refusing to follow the recommendations but rather they claim that they simply do not have the human resources to impose such a restricion efficiently; i.e., police all their beaches.

The Mancomunidad for Costa Tropical got all the mayors together to see how they could implement the Junta’s idea and finally reached a minimum agreement; bare basics. Many of the mayor’s feel that the Junta has ‘dodged the bullet’ and left it up to the municipalities to sort out.

If San Juan was anything to go by, then we can expect an agreement only to be followed by everybody going their own way – let’s hope not.

The BOJA (Official Gazette of Andalucía) states that all normal individual activity can continue on the beach, as well as the normal activity of chiringuitos, however it does state that “gatherings cannot take place.” They especially zero in on gatherings between people of 16 and 29.

This means angling off the beach during the night and early morning will not be affected.

The meeting did come up with some points in common which each town hall would attempt to implement depending on its available resources.

The Mayor of Albuñol, María José Sánchez (who is also the Chairwoman of the Mancomunidad) explained, “any type of leisure activity, meeting, fiesta resulting in gatherings are forbidden.” adding that the municipal police forces would collaborate in making sure that this is observed, as well as the Guardia Civil, for example. It is up to the police to decide what is a gathering and what is not.

It was also agreed that if the contagion level continues to rise then they will approach the Junta for police reinforcements; i.e. officers from the Policía Autónomica.

The problem is that there are only 172 municipal police officers on the whole of the Costa Tropical with some villages only having coverage during the day, having to depend on the Guardia Civil to cover the nights. There are even five municipalities that have no municipal police officers at all.

Anyway, the Junta’s decision came into effect at midnight, last night, so let’s see how this develops.

One last thing, this restrictions is on gatherings, so if you, you partner and kids want to stroll along the beach, that is not a gathering – that’s a family unit. The police are going to use their initiative and what they are looking for are boozy throngs of youngsters.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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