Covid Cook Closed

The Policía Local in Alicante closed down a restaurant in the centre of the city last weekend because the chef was working despite a positive PCR.

SPN Resturant Closed over CoviThe police identified the 21 diners in the establishment at that moment in order to trace possible contagion. The restaurant staff were also sent home to quarantine.

Before the weekend was out, six more staff, who had not been working on the day of the inspection, gave a positive reading.

The restaurant was allowed to open again when further inspection showed that the remaining staff were not infected.

“Both the restaurant owner and the cook face stiff fines for infringing strict regulations imposed by the autonomous government of Valencia. We’re talking about between 30,000 and 60,000 for both of them.

Alicante is going to town imposing restrictions, controlling crowding on beaches and preventing open-air bottle parties. The Policía Local issued 90 fines, 73 of which were for drinking in open, public areas. They also stopped 20 parties being held in private dwelings over noise levels after receiving complaints from neighbours. Six people were also fined for urinating in the street.

(News: Alicante, Valencia)

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