Farmers Hawk Crop in Protest

Farmers from the Llano in Carchuna-Calahonda and from Motril have reached the end of their tether over the miserable prices offered them.

TNC Farmers sell at production prices JN21Consequently, yesterday they went to Torrenueva Costa to practically give their horitcultural produce away in protest over how they are being strangled by the big fruit & veg traders, at below production-cost prices.

They set themselves up in the Plaza de la Iglesia next to the seafront road and the prices they charged for their fruit and vegetables must have seemed purely symbolic because they were well below normal shop prices.

However, the reality is that the prices that they sold the produce at were the very same prices that the horticultural clearing warehouses and supermarket-chain purchasers had been beating them down to.

For example, in Torrenueva Costas yesterday you could buy four, large melons for only five euros whereas in Mercadona, for example, they’re going for 2.92 euros for just one melon (3.25kg).

Editorial comment: successive socialist and conservative administrations in the Central Government have ignored calls for product labels for fruit and vegetables, for example, to show what farmers are paid and the shop-shelf price so that customers can see how much the price is inflated. Bear in mind, many large supermarket chains on the coast buy almost directly from farmers, so there are few if no middlemen in the equation.

(News: Torrenueva, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Alba Feixas)

  2 comments for “Farmers Hawk Crop in Protest

  1. June 13, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    TS: It’s 50% the farmers’ fault for over production – somebody has a good idea; everybody copies it. The other 50% is the market warehouses where farmers take their produce and are screwed down to the last penny, then from the wholesalers up, through the hands of other middlemen, everybody takes a cut, pushing the price up so when the farmer’s family go to the local supermarket, they see their produce on sale for six times as much as they got paid for it. Big businesses screw small businesses and consumers – and here we’re all guilty – drive the getaway car 😉

  2. T Smallen
    June 13, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    I hear in and year out that farmers lose money but yet I see more and more plastic every year. Can anyone shed any light on this? Why would anyone invest in this business that loses money?

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