Two Kitesurfers Rescued

Two Kitesurfers had to be rescued about a nautical mile out to sea off Playa del Saladillo in Estepona.

AND KitesurferThe emergency, call centre received an alert just before 17.00h from a group of seven kitesurfers who were having trouble getting back to the beach due to the currents and wind.

Two of them had lost their kites and were drifting further and further out.

The call centre contacted Salvamento Marítimo, the Guardia Civil and an amulance.

The rescue launch picked up the two kitesurfers, no worse for wear, whilst the rest of the kitesurfing group managed to reach the shore by themselves. None of the seven required medical assistance.

(News: Estepona, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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