Cheating Charity

Now, before we begin, it should be pointed out that its not the case of a charity being dishonest but of a dishonest person pretending to be a charity.

GRA Cáritas GranadaCáritas, which is the official, Catholic-Church charity, had issued a communiqué saying that there is a massive email scam afoot using their good name… not their bad one; just their good one. OK, that was a joke but let’s just pretend you never saw it.

Anyway… somebody has been sending out hundreds of email, supposedly from Cáritas, asking for donations. Fortunately, the Policía Nacional are on to it.

Cáritas got wind of the scam when one of their members said that he or she had received such an email at the end of last month.

In the text it says that you can make a donation to Cáritas Diocesana de Granada by transferring it to a bank account. Interestingly, it is a British bank with its HQ in London. The email also gives contact details of the manager of the campaign, which are completely false.

“We do not do campaigns using email shots, much less with spam; we have other channels such as our webpage and of course using our own bank accounts,” reads the communiqué, continuing on to explain, “neither do we do door-to-door house calls asking for money, and we don’t do it on street corners, either.”

So far, nobody has contacted the Policía Nacional or the Guardia Civil to complain that they have fallen victim to such skuldugery.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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