Naughty in Almuñécar

A 45-year-old individual, with a criminal record as long as the Bayeux tapestry, was arrested in Almuñécar in posession of a gun and a wonky-weed plantation.

ALM Arrest & Illegal Gun 17AP21He was also charged with making an illegal hook-up to an electricy supply in order to cultivate his combustible triffids in abundance. His 42-year-old female partner was also charged with growing and elaborating grinning greenery.

The Guardia Civil (aka The Green Meanies) had their suspicions that the arrested man was growing cannabis and selling marihuana, so they got together enough evidence to obtain a search warrant from the judge to inspect his home and two garages.

After searching the premises, the Guardia Civil came across a 9mm, automatic pistol and 90 rounds of different calibres. There was also three kilos of marihuana and 425 smiley-smoke plants

The pistol has been sent off to the ballistics laboraatory for analysis.

(News: Almuñécar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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