Private Insurance Vaccines

About a week ago there was something on Facebook about the possibility of receiving a jab for Covid via your private health insurance.

SPN Covid Jabs VaccinationThe trouble with this was that we couldn’t verify it as it didn’t come up on a Google search so we didn’t cover it here.

It was the British Embassy that reportedly mentioned the following on their facebook account:

“If you need to get an update on this, we would suggest you contact your private health insurance company because they are currently working with public authorities and should be able to give you an update on when you’ll receive your vaccination”

So, we decided to contact the main representative for DKV health insurance for this area, Ignacio González Aurioles, on this matter. He in turn consulted his Head Office and what came back down the line was that there is no such arrangement between private health-insurance companies and the Spanish health authorities to date.

The response included the information that whether you have a private insurance or not, the only way that you’re going to get a vaccine in Spain unless you are already included on the Spanish public-health system, at this moment (17th March) is to return to your home country for it.

That might very well change, so we’re not leaving it here as we have just spoken with the British Embassy and are waiting for clarification on the subject from their Press Department…

(News: Andalucia)

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