2021 ITV Calendar

Dating back to the total lockdown from March to April last year, ITV inspections have undergone a disruption that the Government is still trying to sort out.

estacion-itvAs nobody could leave their homes, three months of ITV inspections had to be postpone. However, there was no way that this backlog could suddenly be thrown into the mix when the normal inspection schedule starting in June.

Therefore a wide margin was introduced to filter them in slowly lasting throughout 2020 and the first two months of 2021.

Now, however, the backlog is finally cleared.

So, back to normal, the new cars that have passed their four years of inspection-free life are now up for a check up. However, although the back log has been cleared, the confusion caused by it remains, so the Government has published the calendar for the whole year, including January and February, which logically have already passed.

So, without further explanation, these are the vehicles by number plates that have an ITV this year.

January: from JVZ through to JWN

February: from JWN through to JXF

March: from JXF through to JYB

April: from JYB through to JYT

May: from JYT through to JZP

June: from JZP through to KBM

July: from KBM through to KCH

August: from KCH through to KCV

September: from KCV through to KDK

October: from KDK through to KFC

November: from KFC through to KFW

December: from KFW through to KGN

(News: Andalucia)

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