Police Demonstrate in Motril

MOT Police ProtestOfficers from the Motril Policía Local demonstrated in the Plaza de España yesterday over their work conditions during the pandemic.

Representatives from the SIPLG (municipal police union) organised the demonstration because of a deadlock between the unions representing the municipal-police officers and the Mayor,

Their beef is the following:

More face masks, the disinfection of patrol vehicles and the police station itself, and above all PCRs for all colleagues who have previously tested positive. The union points out that other administrations and private companies insist on a new PCR before returning to work whereas the Mayor just offers “weak and little-convincing excuses not to apply this measure,” in their opinion.

The union demands that the accord reached with the SERCLA, unanimously approved by all political parties in 2019, be observed. This accord agrees that all municipal workers (amongst them police officers) be treated equally with those of other administrations in the same category.

In the opinion of the police union, the tasks that the Policía Local now have to assume did not exist 20 years ago, so the valuation of their present work load should be brought up to date and valued accordingly.

Lastly, the problems with the changing room persist despite promises from the Mayor. Work should be carried out to eliminate these defects: leaks, mosquitoes, rats and the stench from the drainpipes.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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