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Good Cop Bad Cop

ALP Guardia Civil car Generic

The labour union for Guardia Civil members (UniónGC) has complained about abusive behaviour from some of the commanding officers.

Bring on The Farmers!

The General Secretary of the farmers’ union, Asaja, Manuel del Pino, has contacted the provincial authorities offering tractors & crop sprayers to carry out street disinfection.

Military Rumbling

Members of he Asociación Unificada de Militares Españoles (armed forces union) demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Defence over the arrest of their Chairman.

Three Spanish National Articles

Three national articles from the January edition. Including interesting stuff about Argentina declassifying papers relating to the ‘disappeared’ Spaniards. Monetary union discussions and amendments. And finally Hot Hot Hot about the overall yearly temperature in Spain for 2011.

Discharged But Not Budging

An elderly patient was given a medical discharge from a hospital in Huelva four months ago, but refuses to go home. Furthermore, the hospital-staff union describe him as quite aggressive.