Xmas Restriction Period Ends

SPN Night Check Point, Guardia Civil OnLNow, before you break out the flatulent cushionry in a fit of celebration, the headline doesn’t mean that restrictions are lifted; it means the contrary.

Over Christmas the restrictions in place were eased off to allow movement and later bar hours etc, but they were in place from the 23rd of December until the 6th of January; in other words, today.

From tomorrow, restrictions go back to what they were until the 10th, which is when the regional PM, Juanma Morena, will announce the new ones, based on how the Christmas period has affected contagion figures.

Now, you’ve probably forgotten what Phase Two restrictions were, when they were in force between the 18th and the 23rd of December, here they are:

Bars & Restaurants: close at 18.00h and then open from 20.00h to 22.30h. Cafeterias don’t have to close at 18.00h but they cannot sell alcohol.

Shops: (both essential and non-essential) can remain open up to 22.00h.

Gatherings: up to six persons.

Curfew: from 23.00h and 06.00h.

Mobility: all travel is limited to within the region of Andalucía.

(News: Andalucia)

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