Carrera Traffic Lights Changed

ALM Carrera Traffic Lights Moved OnLThe Maintenance Department of Almuñécar Town Hall has sorted out the traffic lights in La Carrera, which is at the top of town near Carbonnel’s.

The trouble was that the lights were set too far back from the road, explained the Councillor for Maintenance & Public Works, Beatriz González. Town Hall workers were not used for the task but rather a private company, Aluvisa.

“The traffic lights on the zebra crossing on the Carrera de la Concepción were set 1.5m back into the pavement and next to other sign posts, making it difficult for drivers to see them,” she explained, adding, “their electrical installations have been replaced, as well.”

The cost of this work was 4,258 euros; 2,369 for the electrical-replacement work and the rest for moving it nearer to the curb.

Editorial comment: the said traffic light is a complete disturbance because it’s always in amber; i.e., pedestrians aren’t controlled and cross whenever they like.

If it were synchronised with the ones on the crossroad junction then it would make more sense because drivers are held up by pedestrians on the crossing even though the crossroad traffic light is in green, meaning that by the time pedestrians have slouched across, the junctions lights are in red.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: JM de Haro)

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