Santa Ana Overloading?

MOT Santa Ana A&EThings at the area hospital in Motril, Hospital Santa Ana, are getting a bit complicated, so much so that some patients have to be transferred up to Granada.

The truth is that there are more Covid-19 patients than there were in March at the height of the pandemic, forcing the hospital to halve the amount of surgical operations that it has scheduled, in order to free up beds.

In fact, in the afternoons they are only carrying out surgical interventions on patients that don’t require general anaesthesia – they have no beds for post-operative recovery.

The Sub-Director of the Southern-Granada Health Board, Pablo Vázquez, says that at the moment hospital patients, be they suffering from Covid-19 or not, are completely cared for but explained that this has come at the cost of putting tremendous pressure on hospital staff, for which reason he urged people to be as responsible as possible to avoid being infected and requiring hospital treatment.

Starting next Monday, Motril will begin transferring Covid patients to hospitals in the city of Granada. Furthermore, the Internal Medicine Department at Santa Ana is being reinforced by doctors and nurses from the Surgical Intervention Department, as they have less work on their hands.

As far as the ICU goes, it is running at 70% of its bed capacity, thanks to converting other areas in the hospital to this function. The Recovery Ward now has four ICU beds for non-Covid patients requiring intensive care.

Another form of gaining extra space is to put three patients in the two-man rooms if it becomes necessary.

On a positive note, the percentage of positive testing amongst the daily PCRs (around 300 a day) has dropped from around 30% to a little over 17%.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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