No Trick or Treat in Salobreña

SAL Mayor RufinoThe Mayor of Salobreña has issued a decree that effectively forbids the celebration of Halloween this year, to avoid crowding and consequent infections.

Mayor María Eugenia Rufino, has included in the ban the now traditional Trick or Treat, door-to-door visits; i.e., to prevent as far as possible inter-family contagion.

There will be no processions or any other kind of gathering associated with Halloween.

The Mayor reminds residents that the maximum number of participants in gatherings is ten.

Editorial note: The Junta recommends that family gatherings should be reduced to only six but has not adjusted the obligatory top on how many people can dine in a restaurant or bar together, which remains at ten.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andaluia)

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