Fire Service Rescue Stuck Dog

GRA Dog Recued by SereimIt is anectdotal that fire personnel rescue cats stuck up trees, but here is a case of a dog stuck on a steep rock surface in the Valle de Lecrín.

The incident took place Saturday night in the area of the Tajo de Nigüelas. The dog was merrily on a walk with his owners when he saw a wild animal and took off after it – big mistake.

The energetic dog raced up the rocks until it dawned on him that he couldn’t get back down. The steepness of the rock face and the height that the animal had gone up made it out of the question for its owners (neither being a spring chicken) rescuing the dog themselves. So they called in the Granada Sur Fire Service.

GRA Sereim Rescues DogIt was getting dark and the dog, although stuck up there, was relatively safe, so the fire service decided to rescue the animal when there was enough light to do it.

Using a harness, the fire personnel, experienced in using climbing equipment, scaled the rock surface to where the dog was and managed to lower him down using a harness.

Well, it makes a change from reporting on hikers getting stuck, lost or injured on outings and the Granada fire service can notch up a dog-rescue mission, rather than as volunteers using dogs to rescue people in foreign disaster.

(News: Niguelas, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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