Camper Van Deaths

AND Camper Van Fatal CollisionTwo people died in a traffic accident involving a lorry and a camper van on the A-381 in the province of Cádiz. The camper van had been travelling in the wrong direction along the hardshoulder quite fast.

The accident occurred on Friday the 25th shortly after 14.00h, which was when the emergency number 112 received calls from several people to say that a camper van was travelling the wrong way down the autovía.

Minutes later, another call came through to say that there had been a head-on collision between the said camper van and a lorry.

The fire service, Guardia Civil and an ambulance were immediately despatched to kilometre point 73 where the collision had taken place, which is within the municipality of Los Barrios, not far from Gibraltar.

As there was nothing to be done for the two occupants of the camper van, the fire personnel first concentrated on cutting the injured lorry driver out of the wreckage of his cab and getting him into the ambulance for transfer to hospital.

They then cut out the bodies of the occupants of the camper van: a 28-year-old British man and a 32-year-old French woman.

As both occupants of the camper van died upon impact, there is no way of knowing why they were travelling the wrong way down the said autovía.

(News: Los Barrios, Campo de Gibraltar, Cadiz, Andalucia)

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