Guess His Nationality?

SPN Palma Airport with Female Guardia Civil OnLThe Guardia Civil arrested a 29-year-old British passenger on a flight from Birmingham to Palma owing to his violent behaviour on the flight.

The cabin crew refused to serve him drinks from the trolley because he was already drunk when he boarded. Instead of accepting that he was not going to be served, he tried to force open the door on the trolley to the alcoholic drinks.

Frustrated in his efforts, he decided to snatch a drink from another passengers seat tray.

Whilst the police officers were taking a statement from one of the crew at the base of the boarding steps, they heard the noise of a violent struggle inside the aircraft. They rushed up the steps to find that the drunk attacking another passenger, managing to bite off a part of the victim’s ear.

The Guardia Civil restrained the aggressor on the floor to put cuffs on him and arrest him. The victim, another British citizen was taken to a medical centre to be attended to for his injured ear. The arresting officers also had to be treated in the airport facilities for minor injuries received subduing the aggressor.

Editorial comment: there should be no alcoholic drinks on short-haul flights flying into or out of the UK. Passengers on such flights should be breathalysed in the boarding lounge if showing signs of being inebriated and not allowed to board if found to be drunk.

In the case of this person, his name should be entered on a no-fly list for a period of years. If you can’t go without an alcoholic drink for the 2.5 hours that the flight takes, then you’ve got a problem.

(News: Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

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