Girl Found in Irrigation Pond

AND Balsa de agua niña ahogada 02The lifeless body of a child was pulled out of an irrigation pond in El Ejido (Almería) yesterday within a large area of plastic greenhouses.

It was around 13.30h that the 112 emergency centre received a call from a man who had just pulled the body of a young girl, aged around four or five, from the water.

The Guardia Civil, Policía Local from Matagordas where despatched, together with an ambulance. The coroner gave permission for the body to be moved and taken to the Instituto Anatómico Forense for an autopsy.

The judiciary branch of the Guardia Civil have opened an investigation, on which a judge has placed a gagging order.

(News: Matagordas, El Ejido, Almeria, Andalucia)

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