Substation Explosion

AND Substation Explodes SP20A fright in the night can best describe the explosion at an electricity substation in Andújar (Jaén) around midnight yesterday.

An explosion followed by flames and electric discharges lit up the night, visible for several kilometres around.

Inevitably, the subsequent black out affected nearly a dozen municipalities: Baños de la Encina, Porcuna, Andújar, Lopera, Arquillos, Arjona, Arjonilla, Higuera de Calatrava, La Carolina and Torredonjimeno . One factory in Martos Valeo had a shut down in its production line owing to a lack of electricity.

The Andújar fire service, backed by the Policia Local and Guardia Civil were called out to tackle the situation. The cause of the explosion is still not known.

(News: Andújar, Jaén, Andalucia)

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