Botellones Banned in Andalucia

AND Junta PM MorenoStreet bottle parties (botellones) are illegal in many municipalities but now the Junta de Andalucía has banned them across the whole of the region.

The regional Prime Minister, Juanma Moreno, informed the eight mayors from the provincial capitals about the decision, describing botellones as “unhealthy, noxious” and “dangerous.” He has based his decision on the Ley de Salud Pública for it to have a legal basis.

He has also proposed that the nightlife sector be limited, as well, but this has yet to be approved.

Sr. Moreno called for more cooperation between the administrations governing the provincial capitals and also called upon all political parties in the Regional Parliament to form a Grand Alliance in order to work together to defeat the virus.

“This pandemic is testing us as a society,” he said, calling for all sectors of society to work together to this end.

Editorial comment: it makes common sense for all parties (those governing and those in opposition) to pull together in an alliance to tackle the pandemic – good soundbytes. Yet Sr. Moreno’s party, the PP, certainly does not practice this on a national level, where it takes every opportunity to criticise rather than contribute. Perhaps he should have a word with them? Where are the eye-rolling emojis when you need them!

(News: Andalucia)

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