Vox Wife Beater

AXA Wife Beating VoxThe Guardia Civil have arrested the Spokesperson for the far-right party, Vox in La Zubia (metropolitan Granada) for gender violence at home.

The aggression took place one Saturday just before five o’clock in the morning, shortly before a call was made to the police by a concerned neighbour.

A judge specialised in domestic violence has sentenced Sr. Morenate to community service, as well as paying compensation and a court order to keep his distance from the victim for the next two years. Furthermore, the local branch of his party has announced that his membership has been suspended.

The aggressor has also handed back his Councillor Certificate at the Zubia Town Hall, for “personal reasons.” However, rather than doing this voluntarily, it appears that his party demanded that he handed it in because, “this sort of attitude is not, nor ever will be, tolerated in the party.”

Editorial comment: no surprises there, as Vox, in the opinion of many, is to the right of Atilla the Hun. 

(News: La Zubia, Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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