Baby in An Oven

SPN Agente de Movilidad de MadridAgentes de Movilidad in Madrid dealt with a crying baby locked inside a parked car on Thursday when the outside temperature was at 37 degrees celsius.

The officers located the parked car on Calle Serrano, after being tipped off by a bypasser who had heard the baby crying in distress.

Unable to locate the parents the officers resorted to smashing a side window to gain entrance. They immediately comforted the baby, which was only a few months old, giving liquids to counter a possible state of dehydration.

When the mother did turn up she explained that she had only left the child a few moments whilst she went off rapidly to sort a few things out.

In the meantime an ambulance had turned up and the paramedic onboard gave the baby a quick check up and confirmed that the infant was alright, as it had not been locked in the car long.

Editorial comment: if you wouldn’t leave a dog in that situation…

(News: Madrid)

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