Junta Prepared To Act

AND Junta Health Minister Jesus AguirreThe Junta de Andalucía is prepared to curtail night clubs and other nightlife establishments. This step might be taken because of outbreaks in Córdoba and other provinces.

The Regional Minister for Public Health, Jesús Aguirre, said that the cabinet is considering this because the shift in infections is now centred upon younger people in discotheques, as was the case in Córdoba: “It is evident, judging by what is happening in other autonomous regions that nightlife activity is causing a serious problem, above all where customers are cramped together in confined spaces.”

In his opinion, tighter control must be exercised in this area because after a certain time in the evening or early morning people tend to relax where safety measures are concerned.

However, the growing infection rate caused by this sector is not producing many hospital cases as the majority are young people, who are either asymptomatic or experience only very mild symptoms.

He concluded by stating that young people have a moral obligation, both ethical and where the family is concerned, to protect the elderly and to do this they have to do more to protect themselves.

(News: Andalucia)

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