Kindergarten & Weed

GRA Kindergarten & WeedThe owner of a private kindergarten in metropolitan Granada is being investigated after 300 cannabis plants were found in her house.

The Guardia Civil post in Pinos Puente had got wind of the existence of such an indoor plantation in their town, linked to the said woman.

However, the Guardia Civil did not take her into custody, merely informing her that she would be receiving a summons from the law courts.

The Junta de Andalucía demands that people who work with minors must hold a certificate that states only that they do not have a criminal record where minors are concerned; in other words other criminal offences are not an impediment to running a kindergarten.

Going back to her house, the police found that there were other rooms that had been prepared with powerful lamps for extending the amount under cultivation, but ‘intentions’ don’t count: only what she was caught with.

Growing weed does seem to be a growing activity in the province of Granada as amongst those caught have been a mayor, an ex-mayor, a chairman of neighbourhood community associations, a university professor but this has been the first owner of a kindergarten.

Editorial comment: it is a stressful job – just saying!

(News: Pinos Puente, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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