Shark Ahoy!

LHR Sunfish Rescue OnLThe bathers are back on the beaches and swimming in the sea… and so are the previous tenants when everybody was locked up at home…

One bather in Calahonda whilst lazily scanning the water in front of him saw a menacing fin and thought, “a shark!”

Mothers pulled their children out of the water and pushed their husbands out into the waves in order to carry out mortal, hand-to-hand combat with the toothy visitor – not because they thought that they would be any good at it, but rather to get them off their arses and actually do something useful.

But it wasn’t a shark, hungry or otherwise, but a sunfish, which has the predatory capacity of an orangutang with arthritis.

Anyway, within an hour the husbands were allowed back onto their towels and the kids shooed into the briny arms of the Mediterranean.

So, that was the first weekend of summer, nobody was eaten or ate anything that shouldn’t have been.

(News: Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)


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