One Case in Ítrabo

SAL Itrabo longshot OnLAmongst yesterday’s data from the Junta de Andalucía on the evolution of the Coronavirus was the first case on the Costa Tropical since the easing began: Ítrabo

This doesn’t mean that Ítrabo is a hot bed of the Black Death, but rather just an isolated case. Apart from this case, the Costa Tropical and La Alpujarra (both belonging to the area health board, Granada Sur) are considered virus-free zones – this doesn’t mean that there is no presence on the Costa Tropical but that PCR testing hadn’t turned up any new cases.

The reason that the provinces of Granada and Málaga were kept back during the Lock-Down easing was because of the high number of cases in both capitals.

La Costa Tropical has been one of the least affected areas of the province with only 168 cases found using PCR testing since the contagion started spreading, out of the 2,463 in all of the province. In fact, Granada city represented 1,031 of the total for the province, which was why many on the coast weren’t too keen to see 2nd-home owners from the provincial capital making their way down.

We had a whole month with no new cases on the Costa Tropical until this latest case in Ítrabo. In the rest of the province during that time there have been eight new cases in five different municipalities: three in Granada itself, two in Atarfe, one in Chauchina (where the airport is) one in Dúrcal and this latest one, in Ítrabo.

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