Granada & Málaga Stay Behind

SPN Minister of Health IllyaThe Minister for Health, Sr. Illa has just announced that Granada and Málaga will remain in Phase One whilst the rest of Andalucía pass to the next phase on Monday.

This decision was expected as a minimum of two weeks is needed to see how a province progresses, whereas the two above-mentioned provinces will have only reached one week come Monday.

However, the PM for the Junta de Andalucía had requested that the whole of Andalucía crossed into Phase Two on Monday the 25th, implying that if this were not so then it would be for political and not health reasons.

The regional Health Minister had backed this request by stating that the two provinces that lagged behind had made significant progress and even had better figures than other provinces that were about to go to Phase Two.

We will add more information to this article as it becomes available.

(News: Granada/Malaga, Andalucia)

  1 comment for “Granada & Málaga Stay Behind

  1. Michael
    May 22, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    Does this mean that phase2 province residents can travel out of their province to Granada or Malaga?
    Or will the boys in a strange colour of blue prevent that happening?

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