Polish Tourists Raped

GRA MET Cuesta de la AlhacabaOn the 16th of April, 2016 around 06.30h two female, Polish tourists – they were returning home after a night out in Granada, and were trying to find their hostal.

They came across a man in his twenties behind the wheel of a van on the Cuesta de la Alhacaba, who offered to give them a lift there.

One of the woman decided to get out but the other, after getting out too, decided to climb back in again, confident that she would get back to their accommodation before her friend – she was wrong. Instead the man from Alfacar drove her to a lonely spot in the countryside and raped her.

The suspect was caught and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment in May 2018, which was later confirmed by the Regional High Court (TSJA) after the accused appealed. He then appealed before the Supreme Court of the land, claiming that his presumption of innocence had been infringed, but has just received the same results – guilty as charged.

Apart from the prison sentence he also has a court order out on him for a decade and has to pay 12,000 euros in compensation.  Lastly, when the prison sentence concludes, there will be a probation period of five years.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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