Fake Fine Notifications

SPN Fake Fine NoticeThe Traffic Department (DGT) has issued a warning via social media about fake emails informing of supposed traffic fines. It’s not the first time they have had to do this.

This time round the fake emails bear the official DGT logo, lending it more credibility and the message reads: “Detectamos en nuestro sistema un registro de multa de transito no pagada. Debido a que usted no se notifico en el tribunal de faltas correspondiente le Reenviamos las Foto-multas via internet” (We have detected on our fine records an unpaid fine owing to your not being informed of it. We send you a photo-fine via internet).

The sloppy way in which it is written hints at a lack of authenticity; not only spelling mistakes, but also the terminology used is not that which is normally used in such notifications.

The false email contains a link (which you should not, under any circumstance, click on) supposedly leading you to more details about the ‘forgotten fine.’ If you do click on it, it will install a bug that lets the cyber thugs access your passwords and bank details.

Therefore, delete it immediately.

If you do want to find out if you have an outstanding fine you can do so via TESTRA, where you must supply your car registration, DNI or name and surname.

(News: Spain)

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