Vélez Benaudalla Hill Fire

MOT Velez B hill fire 14MR20Infoca was called out in the forenoon of yesterday to tackle a hill fire within the municipality of Vélez Benaudalla.

Two helicopters sent from their base in the north of the province (Moralillos) were deployed until dusk to help the ground units.

Ground personnel have been tackling the fire, which is in an area of difficult access (Loma del Platero); a task made more difficult because of the wind. In fact, two, twin-engine water-bomber aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture were called in to help, as well, each capable of dumping 5.5 tonnes of water onto the fire

The reason why Infoca had to rely on the aircraft from the Ministry of Agriculture is that their fire-fighting assets in winter are limited, as aircraft are sent to distant airfields after the fire season finishes for maintenance, etc.

At the time of writing (Saturday 22:40h) there was still no information on how it was going nor how much land had been affected.

(News: Velez-Benaudalla, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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