Erotic Art in Almuñécar

ALM Erotica ExhibitionThe arts exhibition hall, Rowland Fade in the Almuñécar Casa de la Cultura will be holding an erotica-theme exhibition this month.

The works on display will remain until the 22nd with viewing hours from 17.00h to 22.00h.

The pieces included are not only visual art, in the form of paintings and sculptor, but also include erotic poetry.

Exhibitors include: Pepe Baena, Ángeles Díaz, Antonio Arellano, Juan Ilaraz, Ana Jiménez, Carmen Trella Vida, José Cabrera, Juan Fierro, José Reyes, Dolores Salado, Inés Pecharromán, Javier Montero, Kitty Harri, Laura L. Zárraga, Luis Contreras, María Gallego, Manuel Lecrín, Martín Morales, Margui López, Paco Ariza, Paqui Paniagua, Pepe González, Silvia Torres, Toni Quirós and Rafael Molina.

The exhibition has been organised by the Asociación Arte Sur Almuñécar, which on this occasion is paying homage to Pepe Baena.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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