Costa Banana Bathed in Light

ALM New Costa del Sol LightingAlmuñécar is installing new street lighting – gripping news – on the Avenida Costa del Sol, which is one of the main thoroughfares to enter the town.

The Councillor for Maintenance and Little Fluffy Bits, Beatriz González Orce, explained that this is the first phase in improving the town’s public-lighting system in that area of town; i.e. the entrance on the N-340 by the Guardia Civil post passing down Costa Banana.

Actually, she said that it was for two purposes; to improve the lighting and save money, as the street lamps are LED ones, and although there are two lamps per lamppost, it is a saving on energy consumption.

The lampposts are being installed on both sides of the road, starting at the bridge over Río Seco and heading up the road towards Costa Banana.

“Each lamppost will have two lamps; one producing 80 watts at the very top, shining onto the road, and the other, 40 watts, shining onto the pavement,” explained the councillor, adding that the old lamps were consuming between 150 watts and 200 watts.

Not content with making the Avenida de Costa del Sol visible from space, Sra. González was also pleased to announced that they have been repairing the pavement in front of Edifício Caribe.

Well, that’s your lot!

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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