Lunatic Road Rage

GRA Dangerous DrivingA 29-year-old driver is accused of deliberately driving another car off the road… on his second attempt to cause an accident against his victim.

In the first attempt, he swerved in front and then hit his breaks; a manoeuvre that the other driver barely managed to avoid.

These incidents took place on the 12th of this month around kilometre point 152 (Ogíjares junction) on the A-44, south-bound lanes.

On the second attempt, he came up parallel and then rammed the back wheel to push the car around and off the road, causing the car to turn over before it came to rest. The accused then immediately accelerated away to distance himself from the scene of the accident.

What caused this road rage was that the victim had moved over into the fast lane to allow traffic vehicles in from a junction to incorporate into the traffic, causing the accused to brake.

There were several witnesses, one of whom videoed the whole thing and sent it to the Guardia Civil. Consequently, the footage clearly shows what happened, as well as the numberplate of the 29-year old.

The said driver faces everything from dangerous driving to a possible attempted murder, as the victim was only injured, fortunately.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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