Kiddy Park Collapses

SPN Kiddy Park Collapses 02A play park literally sank into an underground car park in Santander. Fortunately, this happened in the early hours of the morning and nobody was hurt.

The roof over the underground car park on Calle Thomas y Valiente appears to have given away owing to the weight of the sodden sand on the surface, leaving the support pillars poking up through the sunken surface of the children’s play park.

Although nobody appears to be missing, a rescue dog was used throughout the morning to search the site, just in case.

According to residents of nearby flats, it was at 06.30h yesterday morning that they heard what sounded like two explosions and when they looked out to see what had happened, it was to see that the play park had dropped a couple of metres into the car park below.

As soon as the incident took place, members of the Policía Local ,Policía Nacional and fire service arrived at the scene. Police officers went from door to door asking if anybody was missing.

Editorial comment: had that happened during the day, the number of people hurt would have been high, indeed. Providence steps in where proficiency fails.

(News: Santander, Cantabria)

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