Vélez Benaudalla Walk

MOT Velez Benaudalla Panoramic ViewVélez de Benaudalla Town Hall wants to promote tourism and sports, which translate nicely in cycling and hiking along their new footpath running above the old N-323.

But the footpath, which was possible thanks to a grant from the Plan de Fomento del Empleo Agrario (PFEAS), is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the village’s long-term plans go.

Getting back to the footpath, it runs down the side of the road that passes through the village and ends up near the bridge over the Guadalfeo and Rules Dam.

Part of the grand scheme of things includes getting the Junta to cede the picnic area next to the river to the Town Hall, including the track that leads down to it, explained the Mayor of Vélez Benaudalla, Francisco Gutiérrez.

MOT Velez Benaudalla BeachThis riverside track and picnic area, feels the Mayor, would be ideal for horseback excursions. He also intends to create drinking fountains along the N-323 underneath the village feed by the ones above in the village.

For those of you interesting in angling along riverbanks, the Mayor intends to create a trout-fishing area along the river. For this, he will need permission from the Junta.

Even if the Regional Government responded tomorrow saying, “Yep, no prob,” he would still have to wait because it was only about three years ago that they released fry (baby trout) into the river, therefore his idea will have to wait until there is a good size trout population in the river to support even catch-and-release fishing.

Now the Mayor of Vélez Benaudalla just happens to be the Vice-Chairman of the Mancomunidad so he has his eyes on the reservoir, too. During the next meeting of the board, he will be discussing the reservoir for recreational activity.

Anyway, summing up: Today, Vélez Benaudalla; tomorrow, the World!”

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