Salobreña Medical Blues

SAL Medical CentreWorkers at the Salobreña Medical Centre are demanding a second A&E team; i.e., a doctor, a nurse and porter.

They submitted their demands to the Town Hall for them to put pressure on the Andalusian Health Board (SAS)

In the leter the staff point out that during practically nine months; i.e., the year excluding summer, Christmas and Semana Santa, there is only one A&E team available from Monday to Friday between 15.00h and 08.00h the next morning and then from 20.00h to 08.00h on weekends.

This causes a major problem if they are called out to an accident or home incident, leaving the A&E Department unmanned. It is not unheard of, either, that another A&E case comes in whilst the team is fully occupied with another case within the Medical Centre.

This lack of personnel has two consequences: the A&E team is overworked and exhausted, and tired people make mistakes. Furthermore , this also means that they provide an inferior service for the inhabitants of Salobreña.

Lastly, the A&E Department has seen an increase in the numbers that they treat because the normal day service is also undermanned owing to staff retiring, etc and not being replaced, so frustrated patients decide to use the A&E to get the attention they are lacking at the doctors’ surgeries.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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